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1. Where is the website at home?

In the southwestern part of Germany, about 80 km south of Frankfurt. In the Rhein-Neckar region near the cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg, Wiesloch, Speyer and Schwetzingen. 


In one of the most beautiful and warmest parts of Germany between the Badischen Bergstrasse in the east and the Pfälzer Weinstrasse in the west. 

The picture was taken from the west (the Schwetzingen-Castle, below ) to the east (the mountains of the Odenwald with Heidelberg, above). With a click you can enlarge the picture:

  • Below you see the Schwetzingen-Castle with its garden, right above it the city of Schwetzingen.
  • On the left you see the municipalities of Plankstadt and Eppelheim.
  • Above on the left side you see the valley of the river Neckar with Heidelberg: on the left side of the Neckartal you see the Heiligenberg, on the right side the Königsstuhl (it is a bit higher than the other one).
  • Above on the right side you find the city of Leimen, the municipality of Nussloch and on the very right the cities of Wiesloch (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen) and Walldorf (with SAP), which can't be seen anymore.
  • Not visible: below on the right the city of Speyer and below on the left the city of Mannheim.
  • You can recognize a line from the Schwetzingen Castle to the Königstuhl - from the west (below) to the east (above): That was the idea of elector Carl Theodor 200 years ago.

Click to enlarge the picture.


2. What is the aim of the website
The website works as a platform for voluntarily working groups/initiatives, to present their aims and offers to help in the internet. is an independent, actual and free of charge website, because of its voluntary engagement. We do this without any frames, because our visitors may be old, sight-handicapped and clumsy (which is only related to the surfing in the internet).

3. What can you do ? is an "open information net" in the internet, which shows the homepages of voluntarily working groups and link them.
They inform us about nonprofit-organisations, interesting links and self-help news, which can help others. Therefore the webmaster as a professional programmer is ready to spend his time in programming and managing the website - as voluntary work.

4. Who finances
The cost for the net-access such as programming activity is covered by itself. You as a volunteer have neither costs nor liabilities. And this will remain so. But: if you can activate a sponsor or a contributor, all of his grants will go to the non-profit groups and initiatives of

5. How can you get in contact with
Please send us a fax (06221/372219) or an eMail. Or you fill out one of the given forms in the catalogue (idea, criticism, new entry, change of entry, ...). Thank you very much.

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  • Unless specifically marked otherwise, all content of this site may be freely copied and/or re-posted Provided that no content of this site is used for commercial purposes.
  • If you have a suggestion for making a little money to subsidize the cost of maintaing this site, I'd be happy to hear from you.
  • To the best of my knowledge, all the content of this site, unless specifically marked, is either in the public domain or has been offered for non-commercial presentation on the web.
  • If anyone can show reasonable cause why a link should be hidden from public view, I will gladly delete it immediately.


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